Our Strategy

Our Vision

An active and inspired nation

Our Mission

Deliver integrated youth & sports programs to create an active nation, innovative youth and sports achievements.

Our Goals

  1. Setting general policies for youth and sports programs in various fields and follow up its implementation by cooperating and setting common goals with the competent authorities and influencing public opinion on the importance of all what is offered for the youth in terms of services.
  2. Cooperating on a national level with the competent authorities in all what is offered for the youth in terms of services and in all matters that have an effect on the youth in various fields.
  3. Adoption of projects to provide and prepare youth and sports leaders and oversee the organization of youth and sports events, national competitions and festivals.
  4. Supporting children prior to the much-dependent adulthood stage.
  5. Setting plans, policies and priorities for youth and sports facilities and follow up their implementation.
  6. Developing a general policy for youth relations in the Kingdom of Bahrain with international organizations and bodies related to the youth and sports sector, and participating in international conferences within the general policy of the Kingdom.
  7. Licensing the establishment of national youth and sports bodies in co-ordination with the relevant authorities.
  8. Expressing opinions and recommendations on relevant legislations and laws that are within the responsibilities of the council and are in line with the councils policies.
  9. Organizing awards, incentives and other means of financial and moral encouragement in the areas of youth and sports.
  10. Discussing the proposed budgets of the executive bodies affiliated with the Supreme Council to implement the council’s resolutions and projects in order to have the budgets approved in accordance to the applicable regulations.
  11. Looking into all matters that are highlighted by the Cabinet of Ministers and are within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports.


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