Leadership Development

Nurturing and developing leadership skills of young Bahrainis is a vital element for sustainable development and will contribute positively in the development and prosperity of the Kingdom.


  1. The establishment of a specialized academy to prepare youth and sports leaders in order to provide role models for the youth in both principles and Bahraini traditional values.
  2. The establishment of geographically dispersed youth and sports centers to meet the needs and aspirations of youth in all governorates.
  3. Invest youth energies and solidify the value of team and voluntary work.
  4. Highlight and nurture talented and innovative youth and adopt plans and programs to allow them to reach an international level.
  5. Support and encourage specialized studies in the field of youth issues.
  6. Support personnel in sports administrative discipline to occupy regional, continental and global positions.
  7. Develop expertise capable of dealing with challenges in the field of youth and sport.
  8. Activate and embrace the ideas and projects of youth councils at various educational institutions.
  9. Support and organize youth and sports expertise exchange programs.
  10. The involvement of the largest possible base of youngsters in youth and sports programs.
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