Secretariat General Strategy

Our Vision

A distinctive strategic body supporting the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports

Our Mission

Provide support and assistance for the implementation and follow-up of the Supreme Council’s Policies and Strategic Plan

Our Values

  1. The Secretariat General strives to promote a culture of transparency and honesty.
  2. Sustainability: The Secretariat General aims to promote continuous development and growth that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.
  3. Partnership: The Secretariat General endeavors to invest in maintaining and improving relationships with its strategic partners and stakeholders.
  4. Excellence: The Secretariat General is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard and quality in all of its deliverables.

General Goals

  1. Achieve the highest levels of integration through effective coordination between the Supreme Council and its stakeholders.
  2. Follow up the implementation of the Supreme Council’s policies and strategies in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  3. Build an integrated management system to reach the highest levels of performance and Professional Excellence that is aligned with regional & global best practices.
  4. Promote the strategic role of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports through the Media.

Directorate of Planning, Policies and Follow-up

  1. Achieve the highest levels of coordination and cooperation between the Secretariat General and its stakeholders.
  2. Plan and monitor the implementation of the Secretariat’s policy and strategy.
  3. Improve overall performance through the implementation of best practice management systems.
  4. Build an informative database that enhances analytical capabilities and facilitates the decision making process.
  5. Highlight the functions and achievements of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports.

Directorate of Resources and Services

  1. Develop employee efficiency by contributing to the achievement of sustainable human resource development through continuous training and performance measurement.
  2. Provide the Secretariat General with distinctive administrative and technical support services.
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